Latest achievements

Chahar Mahal Palace

In Marrakech, opposite the Atlas Mountains, an entirely virgin former agricultural piece of land played along with the construction of a palace surounded by a park full of scents. 


HERA CITY [The cylinder]

The cylinder which represents the initiatory course which instructs the pupil, creates the link with the 5 buildings, images of the five continents, the five senses.

HERA CITY [The Sphere]

The Sphere, symbol representing the world and its march, spirituality, femininity, held in a case of petals that open little by little to the world.

the smelt

In Boulogne sur mer, the site of the smelt is an artificial island that was built to accommodate the Maritime Station.

Biennale 2012

Biennale 2012 I Ary Jan gallery

The Ary Jan Gallery specialised
in Belle Epoque and Orientalist
paintings has endowed itself
with an Orientalist decor
modernised by its colours…

Hotel & SPA Boulogne sur mer

In Boulogne-sur-mer, on the site of the "Eperon", we invest part of the "Gare Maritime", today without activity,
to build on top of the existing building, a 3 *** hotel paired with a new construction, a hotel 4 ****
and its SPA in sea water. Delivery 2019.


BOSE, a leading company
in the field of sound high
technology, whose registered
office is located
in Saint-Germain-en-Laye…


In this 1930’s building,
the idea was to remove
from the site all
unnecessary elements…


In former East Berlin,
the luxury ready-to-wear
fashion boutique treated
itself to a variation
of the Mackintosh…

Palais Royal

In an 18th century building,
the authenticity of the place
and its old beams had
to be preserved. However,
the owner wished…



Zoom on a piece of furniture
as object.
In the scope of a complete
reorganisation of the house…

Former Comédie

Former Comédie

In the 17th century building
of the King’s ordinary actors,
built by Molière’s wife,
the areas are articulated
in such a way as to maintain
the succession of rooms…